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Collection of different stamps over the world in center the dog breeds.
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MORDOVIA 1990 5,-.jpg
Country: Mordovia
Date of relase: 1999
Breed: Unknown
Value: 5.-
Size: 40mm X 30mm

Please help me to identify the dog breed.
Dagestan 1999 5,00.jpg
Country: Dagestan
Date of relase: 1999
Breed: Unknown
Value: 5.-
Size: 40mm X 30mm

Please help me to identify the dog breed.
Magyar Posta 1974 Canis Familiaris 40f 2.jpg
1. Country of origin: Hungary (Magyarország)
2. Date of relase: 1974-12-30
3. Series: Young Animals
4. Breed: Puppy
5. Face value: 40 Hungarian fillér
6. Designer: Gal Fernc
7. Size: 37mm X 45mm
8. Items: 3
9. Purchase Code: 0109, 0149
10. Price: 1,00 Euro
153 Korea Terrier 1990.jpg
1. Country of origin:North Korea DPR
2. Date of relase: 1990
3. Series:
4. Breed: Terrier
5. Face value: 40
6. Designer:
7. Size: 31 X 44mm
8. Items: 1
9. Purchase Code: 0153
10. Price: 1,00 Euro

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147 Magyar Posta Pumi 60f 1956 First Hungarian stamp with dog.jpg
174 Magyar Posta Puli 50f 1956 First Hungarian stamp with dog.jpg
202 Thailand 2006 Thong Daeng k.jpg
221 Cuba Correos 1992 k.jpg
246 Sahara OCC 1996 k.jpg
212 Perros k.jpg
230 Turky Dog and cat 2v k.jpg
237 Republica Saharaui Serie k.jpg
196 Lup Alsacian Posta Romana 20b 1971 k.jpg
239 Battersa Dogs&Cats Home 150th Anniversary k.jpg
226 Bulgaria puppies k.jpg
203 Caini de Vanatoare Romania 2005 Bloc A+B.jpg
204 Benin 300F Schnauzer 1995 k.jpg


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Unless otherwise noted, all stamps are Very Fine, Unused, and Never hinged.
I have a collection of postage stamps that I am selling over time. These pages will change frequently as I add more stamps to the lists. Bargains can be found, so happy hunting, and please visit often!

"Stamp"  in different lenguages: stamp, stempel, pullë, ختم, möhür, zigilua, друк, স্ট্যাম্প, печат,
razítko, frimærke, tempel, tatakan, leima, timbre, selo, σφραγίδα, შტამპი, સ્ટેમ્પ, pou achte manje, חותמת, टिकट, stempelen, žig, cap, stampa, stimpill, スタンプ, שטעמפּל, ಕೃತಿಯಲ್ಲಿನ, segell, 邮票, 郵票, 우표, allide, pieczęć, zīmogs, antspauduoti, печат, bélyeg, setem, timbru, stempeln, frimerke, timbro, печать, դրոշմ,تمبر, carimbo, ştampila, sello, stämpla, печат, pečiatka, žig, stempu, முத்திரை, బరువుగా అడుగులు వేసుకుంటు నడచు, ประทับ, damga, друк, ٹکٹ, tem, stamp
183 Russian Hound 1965 Rusia 1k Print run 4000.jpg
184 Irish Setter 1965 Rusia 2k Print run 4000.jpg
181 Pointer 1965 Rusia 4k Print run 4000.jpg
182 Fox terrier 1965 Rusia 4k Print run 4000.jpg
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